BMore Than the Story

BMore Than the Story was a collaborative exhibit detailing the Baltimore uprising of April 2015, focusing on youths' perspective of an unjust system. The exhibit was open from April-September 2016. I served as a Co-Creative Director and was the head of exhibit design for this project.

There were three main components of BMore Than the Story: the Wall of Names Timeline, Birds of Prey, and the Black Light Room. Each area offered interactive and thought-provoking content. In addition, there was a Who Are You? prompt on chalkboard that allowed visitors to think about and question stereotypes.


This exhibit was covered on media outlets such as the Baltimore Sun, Fox45 Morning News, and even South Africa Broadcasting Corporation. The opening of the exhibit brought together all kinds of artists, professionals, and activists to view the space and participate in a panel about the surrounding issues. Even after the opening, the exhibit continues the conversation for hundreds of visitors.